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ACTT was founded in 2011 with headquarter is in Chengdu, China. In 2016, ACTT merged with Chip memory technology (USA), and became the first and only IP vendor which can provide the total solutions of ultra-low power analog IP and eNVM IP in china mainland.

Since establishing, ACTT have been focused on the R&D for the ultra-low power analog IP.

More than 300+ IPs are the silicon proven from 180nm to 55nm process. Basing on lots of patents and technology from the ultra-low power design, ACTT announced 55nm ultra-low power MCU/IoT analog platform in 2016. It includes a series of ultra-low power IPs such as: Logicflash, PMU, Clock, interface, sensor and etc. Combined with the advanced MCU structure, ACTT can provide the flexible IP and solution for customer, help customers to reduce the cost, risk and complete the MCU/SoC design faster.

Location & Team

Headquarter is in Chengdu, China. Four branches are in Shanghai Shenzhen,Hsinchu(Taiwan) and San Jose. ACTT is composed of domestic and foreign experts and senior staffs in semiconductor industry, about 50% engineers have 8 experience.

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